2020 has been a tumultuous year. It has been a year of expanding our capacity and also grieving the many losses from COVID-19. It has yielded gifts, stripped away the facade of normality, and further demanded people to deal with the racism that Black and Indigenous people have been dealing with since 1492. 

Eleven years ago, in 2009, we experienced something in our life that would alter our world forever, just as 2020 has done so. It is where we started our healing journey, a necessity for our salvation and our community to thrive in this world, in this society that condemns and demonizes Black people. 

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It’s been quite a journey! We left the Dominican Republic energized and galvanizing towards understanding the history and the history of racism and colonization that have left Black people the lowest in the Caste system—continually fighting for the right of our existence and in survival mode. 

We have work to do when it comes to unlearning racism and decolonizing. And that work looks like ensuring we love our Blackness and understand how deserving and worthy we are for the life we choose to live. 

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Your pledge will support us in continuing the work of The Black Doll Project and Love Letter Campaign.

In 2017 we initiated the Black Doll Project as an act of affirmation, sending Black Dolls that have were donated and hand made to Kiskeya Ayiti (Hispaniola) to assert the love and power of our Blackness. As people of color, we have faced stigmatization by racialization, xenophobia, and antiblackness. By sending a Black Doll to a child in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, we reaffirm our existence and empower our children to love, see, and imagine their future selves. 

Since 2017 we have gifted over 100 Black Dolls each year to young people in Gonaives, Haiti, Cabarete and Sousa, Dominica Republic. 

In April 2018, several Caribbean women in New York City came together to support making 40 Black hand-made dolls as gifts to Black girls in the Dominican Republic. This enactment was an act of liberation and a tribute of emancipation from the constraints of racism. Students from UMASS, Boston, transported these black dolls and conducted workshops with the young girls from the Mariposa Foundation, the Dominican Republic, with discussions on colorism, gender politics, and sexualization. This workshop inspired us to expand this concept further into what it is today.

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Your donation will support our second year in initiating Black Doll Project’s Unlearning Racism Art Summer Camp, Republica Dominicana. 

In August 2019, we traveled with a core group of artists and educators to the Dominican Republic. We facilitated conversations and utilizing dollmaking, mural/visual arts, and photo-essays to discuss discrimination, bullying, antiblackness, body politics, and community building. 

Covid-19 impacted our travels this summer 2020 to continue the work we started. These young people are requesting we continue to train and develop them as Racial Justice leaders. We are committed to empowering our young people to celebrate our youth and ensure we continue our mission of dismantling antiblackness and antiHaitianism. 

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Your support will provide the seed money to initiate the Black Doll Project Unlearning Racism Art Summer Camp, Haiti 2021.

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